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The popular Digital Snooker Scoreboard (DSS) has been replaced by a brand new professional product called "ProScore" also available from and ProScore works with Windows PC (including Windows 2000, XP, 7, Vista, 10) and offers the best featured scoring system including Live Scoring in an easy-to-use package. Now you can bring this finest scoreboard to your home and clubs and be impressed by the amazing features at your finderfips. Don't take our words for it - download and try ProScore yourself and find out why it is the best investment for your facility.

Important: read the "Absolute Essentials" section before installing or using ProScore for the first time! Also take a look at the Live Scoring Views which show the live matches and results from other ProScore users.

ProScore is designed for users of all levels. The main features include:

  • Add points the way you like - either after a ball is potted (as in a tournament) OR until a break is finished (as in club/home matches)
  • Personalised matches with player names, frame clock, graphics, frame count, ball count, highest break
  • Works with just a keyboard or mouse or keypad, and;
  • Can be operated remotely by your iphone, ipad and android phones
  • Custom infra red wireless remote control option available
  • Audio announcement of current break points
  • Audience applause sound effects
  • Easy to navigate menu for a range of score functions
  • Live results are broadcasted to the Internet so they are viewable on many computers or phones around the world
  • Optional database connectivity for web site integration
  • Includes a Traditional Scoreboard software which is completely FREE and has no limitations to all users.
  • and much more!

One great thing about ProScore is that there is no steep learning curve. Most functions are carried out by a few key strokes / buttons.

ProScore is the result of an extensive research and is developed by the people who love this fascinating games as much as you do. Try or buy ProScore today and see what you have been really missing in your games!

Above: Scoring with Android Phone
Above: Optional Remote Control
Above: Optional wireless keypad

Purchasing ProScore Snooker Scoreboard Software (for most Windows versions)

ProScore's standard license costs £189 (promo rate) which includes Live Scoring web pages for showing your online live results. This online service is free to registered users and does not require ongoing subscription. Payment is processed by Paypal and you can pay popular credit cards/paypal account securely. Shortly upon making your payment you will be provided with instructions of obtaining the full version of ProScore.

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Download Trial Version

ProScore's trial Version can be downloaded here. Feel free to try out anytime! If you download the trial software, please make sure you read the installation instruction and user manual to make the best use out of ProScore. The latest ProScore video manual is available here

OS Requirements: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

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