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SMS Text Voting

Check this outReal-time SMS Polling system

Our SMS Voting Manager (SVM) allows SMS polls to be conducted with your own SIM card. Once poll is started it can accept SMS votes from most mobile phones. Poll results are displayed on local or remote web browsers, in the form of bar/pie/column charts. The package can be run anywhere with mobile reception and does not require internet connection unless the poll results are to be shared on the web. The package runs on its own and does not require any form of recurring subscription. Because everything happens in real-time update, you can run live poll as well as offline polls depends on your situation.

  • Can I use SVM in my own country other than Australia ?
  • SVM comes with unlocked GSM hardware so you can use it with literally any mobile service provider in any country that provides GSM mobile network service.
  • I am not computer literate, will I be able to set it up?
  • Yes all packages come with instruction manual and setup is not difficult with out step by step instructions. We also provide new and ex-lease pre-installed systems that are ready to run without any installation. Just insert a SIM card and you can run SMS polls in minutes
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  • How do I view poll results?
  • SVM has a built-in browser to view the results in real time. The same results is also provided in another directory on your PC so you can set it up so people from around the world can view the results from their Internet browser.

Do I need to subscribe SVM or royalty to use it?

No. SVM runs on an existing SIM card so you need no subscription apart from the SIM card you put into it. No royalty fee is required once SVM is purchased.

  • Do voters have to pay a fee to vote?
  • No. Voters pay nothing more than what the SMS would have cost them from their telco.

Can I use premium number so people who vote will have to pay extra (premium SMS charge)?
Possibly, please discuss with yout telco service provider to apply such premium number and billing process on your SIM account.

  • Do I get technical support if required?
  • Yes. As with all our solutions, our purchasers will get email support anytime it is required.

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OneKaraoke MegaShop

Check this outShopping for many new and used items

We have a large inventory of new and used Hi-Fi stereo, audio visual equipment and tape/disc/media for home and professionals. Many of them can be shipped worldwide. We have good reputation and customer service so feel free to browse through our catalogue (when become available in late 2009) and you will find many pleasant surprises there.

  • How do I buy something from your shop?
  • When you spot somthings you want to buy from our catalogue, add them to a shoppoing basket and once your shopping is done, send an email to us with the items you have selected, along with your country/state, and within hours we will email you an final cost with combined shipping cost. If you would then like to proceed with the purchase, just following our instructions in the email quote.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
  • Credit card / Paypal, and bank transfer.
  • When would I expect delivery?
  • Your purchases should be delivered in 1 day to 1.5 week after payment, depending on where you are located.
  • Why there is no automatic checkout to complete payment?
  • Partly because we have items of many different sizes and weights and the combined shipping charge vary greatly depends on delivery destination, so we would prefer to manually work it out offline. Another reason is that we would like to hear from you directly and so you know you are dealing with real people not a virtual identity (and vice versa).

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Sending SMS with us

Send SMS from your PC - at very cheap rate

With OneKaraoke it is cheap and easy to send SMS to any mobile around the world. Just buy prepaid credits and off you send. No fuss, no sign up, no contract, no expiry date on your credit. Just amazing value.

  • I can send SMS from my phone, so why send from PC?
  • Send SMS from PC is so much faster and efficient than using a mobile phone due to device's form factor. A lot of us spend hours in front of a PC every day and it is just natural if we can also send SMS when we are online. Plus our SMS is cheaper than most mobile phone plans we know.
  • If I sent someone SMS with your SMS plan, can they reply the SMS?
  • With Basic Plan - No. With Advanced Plan - yes (your mates will reply to your MOBILE NUMBER directly so you don't need to stay with your PC to wait for a reply. Any SMS reply will be sent to your mobile phone, not to your PC).
  • Is there a delivery report ?
  • No. We only dispatch SMS as it is and no message status will be monitored. The SMS service is not a guaranteed deivery service.
  • Which countries are supported?
  • Please refer to this link. This is a guide only and may change from time to time, countries shown on the list are not guaranteed.
  • Will any future price increases on credits affect me?
  • No. All your existing credits will not be affected shall price increases in the future.

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OneKaraoke Karaoke Juke Box / System

Professional Karaoke System for Home and Business

OneKaraoke is a juke box software that plays your music content stored in hard disk / CD / DVD / USB drive. Files are presented as a song list with indexed number on each song. Just select a number and the song will be placed on a queue. You can also control the software through keyboard, handheld remote control (optional).

  • Can I convert content from VCD, LD and DVD to use with OneKaraoke?
  • Yes. There are many ways to capture contents from other media. We recommend you to save these songs into .mpg format for best visual and playback experience. OneKaraoke also supports many audio and video formats as well.
  • My VCD content has vocal on left speaker channel (or right channel on some songs). If I playback these files with OneKaraoke the vocal will be heard too. Is there a solution?
  • If you are using Windows XP or earlier, you will be able to mute any one channel so the vocal channel will be silent. The muted channel setting is stored for each song so the next time you load the same song the correct channel will be played.
  • How many songs are included with OneKaraoke?
  • OneKaraoke is a specialty juke box software and does not include any songs. You can ask if we could arrange a thrid party content for you if you cannot find it in your location.
  • Can I put my karaoke files in a server and server to several PCs running OneKaraoke?
  • Yes. But you will need to purchase individual OneKaraoke license for each PC.
  • Can you recommend some tools for video conversion or song management?
  • Yes. Please refer to some third party tools we found quite useful from time to time..


Tool Purpose
DirectX DirectX is a Windows technology that enables higher performance in graphics and sound when you're playing games or watching video on your PC. OneKaraoke runs with DirectX 8.1 or later. We strongly recommend you to install the latest version.
Windows Media Player Essential install for all Windows PC (and OneKaraoke) and usually come pre-installed with Windows. If you are using old version of Windows, try this link. We recommend you upgrade to the latest version.
Quicktime Essential component if you wish to play .mov, and .kar files in OneKaraoke, we strongly recommend you to install it.
VCD Gear Extract MPG streams from CD images, convert VCD files to MPG, correct MPG errors, and more...
DVD2AVI Converts MPEG-2 streams to AVI (includes the VFAPI plug-in)
TreeComp Keep 2 directory trees and the files within the directories in perfect synchronization. Useful if you keep a master of cong directories while use a copy in the OneKaraoke PC.
D-Zip Unzip multiple zip files to a single folder, all done in one pass.
Directory Printer Print a listing of every file contained within a directory and/or subdirectory(ies). Convenient altenative for song cataloging or record-keeping.
TMPGEnc Converts .AVI file to MPEG1/2 files, the format which is used in VideoCD/DVD, and allows user to adjust bitrate, quantize matrix, GOP structure, Interlace and many other parameters.
Windows Media Encoder Encode high-quality multichannel sound, high-definition video quality, and support for mixed-mode voice and music content, and more.
STOIK Video Converter Convert AVI, WMV, DV files in all possible combinations, can convert to single or multiple output video files. Now supports DivX + MP3 AVI, Windows Media 9, multiple file conversion, and file merging.
MPEG Scissors Cut, split or join single or multiple MPEG files.
DVD2SVCD Encode your DVD , DVB , VOB , MPEG or AVI into DVD , SVCD or VCD


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Snooker / Pool Angle Calculator

Find that Precise Line of Aim with SPAC

Lots of people play snooker regularly. But lots of them don't understand why their games have not improved further or have become more consistent. Our Snooker Potting Angle Calculator (SPAC) answers one important aspect of the game: Potting Angle. This interactive tool helps your brain become more informed and feel more confident on which point on the object ball should you line up your cue with. Once the theory behind is absorbed, and with good cue action, your game will be improved sigificantly..

  • Is SPAC as fun as a pool/snooker aimulation game?
  • No. It is designed to illustrate a very basic aiming technique in the games of snooker and pool. It is not 3-dimensional and has no fancy animation. You have to interact with it by placing the 2 balls on the table. The you will see how tha angles are related to the point of aim (on the object ball).
  • I love using side spin a lot. Can SPAC illustrate these points?
  • No. Sides are best avoided because there are complex factors that affect the movement (table cloth's nap effect, etc). Even professionals can miss when using sides. SPAC only illustrate centre line potting (i.e. you cue would point to a vertical line going through the centre of the cue ball).
  • Can I request new features?
  • Yes, we will consider all suggestions and add those to future versions (update is free for existing SPAC users).
  • When I play on the table, I believed I have evalauted the "potting angle" and "point of aim" correctly, so why I still miss the pots?
  • When we play this game we believe we are aiming at a point which the cue is aimed at. But during the cue action this was actually shifted and the actual point the two balls touch is not the same point we aimed at. This is a case of problematic cue action, and you may wish to consult books or a coach to get the cue action corrected so your shots are more consistent.

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Stock Inventory System (Auction Inventory Manager)

Manage Your Product Inventory with Ease

Whether you sell offline or online, Auction Inventory Manager (AIM) is the software that will make your life much easier by offering to associate a product descriptions with its photos. You can keep categorise and adding your inventory and then sell them online (such as ebay, yahoo, oztion, etc) at anytime. When you create a listing, the photos are automatically converted into a gallery display. The listing body is generated into HTML code so you have full control on the appearance of your product isting.

  • The photos are stored on my PC, when using AIM how do I make them viewable to the public when my products are listed online?
  • You will need a web server to hold the images so the public can see them. The listing generated by AIM actually points the images to your web server. You simply FTP the photos on your PC to the web server. AIM includes a FTP client so you can do this quite easily..
  • I don't know much about HTML, how do I create HTML listing with AIM?
  • With AIM you need not worry about creating HTML code. All HTML listings (including photo gallery) are generated automatically, you just need to paste the code into your respective destination.
  • Can AIM work with ebay's TurboLister as I sell in bulk onebay?
  • Yes you can export your selected records into file exchange format for importing into Turbo Lister.
  • I have a traditional store and am prepared to open my online store, can AIM help me?
  • Yes AIM helps you organise your inventory and export your inventory into spreadsheet format files, so you can move those to your online shop. In coming versions AIM can even export an interactive catalogue of your inventory.

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