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OneKaraoke Overview

A powerful PC hard disc-based video Karaoke jukebox/ playback system with options to operate using a compatible remote control / keyboard. There are many advantages with OneKaraoke over conventional DVD or other karaoke players:

  • Easily installed on Windows PC and organise your karaoke videos in folders;
  • No database to maintain, it reads all available song file names on start up and use these names as the titles on its song list;

  • Pick a song from song list and add to the song queue, no more disc-swapping. You can even define your pesonal bookmark for frequently-played songs;
    • Ability to support two separate PC monitors at the same time: 1 for song list and song queue; and another for main video area;

    • Accepts popular video VCD/DVD & audio file formats including mpg, dat, wmv, mp3, mov, kar, mid, avi, dat, wma, etc (we recommend mpg);

        Single Screen GUI Overview

        GUI Glossary


  • Dual Screen GUI Overview
  • If your PC is equipped with compatible video display card with extended desktop capability (as many laptops do), you can have two separate screens for even easier access to the features. In such setup, one PC screen displays full-screen video at all time, while another screen displays the user interface.

OneKaraoke doesn't use PC mouse

Once OneKaraoke is launched, the mouse can shy away as all operations are manipulated with simple toggling keystrokes (with PC keyboard, or numeric keypad, or optional remote control unit) "OK" has a very intuitive operation design so you can focus on your best karaoke performance. The following examples illustrate how easy it is to operate "OK". For other operations of features please refer to user manual included in the package.


Purchase and Delivery Method

You can purchase just the software or software with remote control with our order page. Details here. Or check out our FAQ here.

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