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Turnkey - Yes!
We now supply some refurbished packages.

Tailor-Made Application Design

Your have a new business concept but your IT team can't help realize it because it is not yet a proven concept they don't have resource to even prototype it? Contact us in confidence that we are happy to help.

  • Low cost alternatie to realize your program concepts or business requirements
  • Easy to outsource no matter where you are 

Check this outRapid Service

We know that even if you have inhouse resource to develop your concept it is sometimes very slow and unresponsive. We offer development that is fast and efficient without the hassle.

Web/Graphics/Multimedia CD Design

Whatever your marketing needs, we have the right solution for you:

Web site design
Graphics, publication and leaflet
Promotional Multimedia CD

Creative Service

We offer great creative service over the internet, and we are always fast and reliable.

IT/AV System Integration

No matter what your need is, we can provide an integration service that works - contact us to find out more.

Software & hardware integration

Audio visual signaling and integration

Easy Package

We offer both partial and full integration package depends on your location and business needs.

Tailor-Made Application Design

If you are looking to engage a third-party to develop a standalone applications (PC/Mac), or just to develop a functional prototype to illustrate your business concept, we are happy to help you achieve your goals. Just drop us a line and see how we can help.

  • Full desktop application design and development that works with most Windows / Mac OS;
  • Rapid f unctional prototyping - we develop prototypes for you so you can actually demonstrate core program functionalities to your stakeholders.

  • From user reqreuiments, graphics & GUI design to software design and development, we can handle it all!

Case Study

We had successfully developed a functional prototype for a large multimedia company on its developing PayTV concepts. The prototype had various multimedia features with EPG and interactive features that allow connection to a payment gateway for demonstrating the shopping aspect of the proposed service as well.

Contact Us - Custom Application


Web/Graphics/Multimedia CD Design

We offer creative service that is of highest quality;

  • From web site, brochures, annual report, multimedia kiosk, CD/DVD, etc ;
  • Our products usually deliver over the Internet or by mail where appropriate;

Cost Effective Creative Services

Our creative offers quality and cost competitiveness , as demonstrated in many of our high profile web and presentation projects in previous years. Feel free to contact us for a quote..

Contact Us - Creative Services


IT/AV System Integration

Whatever the scale of your need, we have the solution to integration your existing hardware / software so they work seamlessly together.

  • Integration solutions that work with Windows / Mac OS and legacy systems
  • We also help you integrate telecom services in your applications, such as SMS integration, etc

  • To find out more, contact us with the form below

Case Study

We had successfully integrate text messaging functionalities for a major healthcare network in asia so it can run booking reminder and confirmation through SMS, all from within their own proprietry application.

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